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May the Weight Loss Be With Us!
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Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
4:13 pm
Sweet moments
So, sharing here the non-caloric sweets that can come from dieting and exercise:

I bought two new pairs of work trousers this Sunday and I dropped down a size!
( After what feels like a million years in 12s and 14s my butt is, literally, in a 10 again!)

I bought a pair of boots, simply because they zipped up to the knee in one quick zip!

(I had truly despaired of anything going over my calves again!)

Stay strong around all of the food this week!

Thankful for all of you.
Wednesday, July 18th, 2012
2:03 pm
KFC still rocks for WW-friendly fast food
When I first started doing WW, I thought it would mean I'd never be able to eat at my favorite fast food places again... then I discovered that I'd actually chosen some good ones to be hooked on. Taco Bell and KFC are pretty reasonable places to eat while on WW... by changing the specific items I was ordering, I was able to get the tastes I was after, without totally breaking the bank. Even after the switchover to PointsPlus, it still wasn't too bad (my standard meal at Taco Bell went from 5 Points to 8 and my standard meal at KFC stayed at 5 Points).

Lately, I've been seeing ads for the new Chicken Bites at KFC... and, well, I have a weakness for things like popcorn chicken. I very occasionally indulge in them at KFC, just as a treat, but usually I'll just order an Original Recipe Leg instead of a grilled one and call it good (a grilled leg is 2 Points, while the Original Recipe Leg is 3). So, I headed to KFC's website and looked up the nutritional info on the new Bites... and was delighted to see that the small portion size is only 5 Points!! Woot! So, for lunch today I grabbed a small Chicken Bites, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans... for a whopping 8 Points. Not bad at all and VERY satisfying. I somehow don't think I'll be ordering that 11 Point Popcorn Chicken again any time soon, even as a treat!

Current Mood: happy
Friday, June 22nd, 2012
9:43 am
strategy, tactics, help?
So, anyone have any particular strategies, tactics, lessons learned, or advice when it comes to hanging in there with WW while heading into PMS and fighting chocolate/sugar cravings?

I read a couple of articles on-line regarding the PMS/chocolate issue. Lots of interesting stuff about how it affects serotonin in the brain, and how most all sugars (with the exception of fruit) will increase serotonin. In a way, it's reassuring to know there really is stuff going on in the body during such times that make you want to eat certain foods. It's not merely in your head. ;)

All that being said, it looks like it's going to be a struggle of a week ahead. So any help here would be hot. ;)
Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
10:15 am
weekly report
Well, after the points overload due to working at camp last week, when I got on the scale this morning for the weekly weigh I was relieved to see I had not gained. However, I was quite surprised to see I'd even lost a wee bit. So, I'm not sure if this is some sign that my body has sort of kicked into overdrive simply because of the new lifestyle of eating, or if the program simply works well enough that even given a couple days of bad choices, being good in tracking the rest of the time helps even it out. But overall, I'm taking it as encouragement that this system works for me, and that's all the more reason to continue tracking and making the good food choices. As N. reminded me, this is a lifestyle choice - not a diet. So true. :)

Still struggling with getting back in a regular exercise routine. But that's always a tricky one for me during the summer, because my schedule is all over the place. I'm trying to teach myself that it's more important to try and work in what activity I can, even if it's just taking stairs or walking that extra bit.

So, how is everyone else doing?

And quick question. Those of you on WW, do you know if cooking fruit changes the point value of it? Well, other than anything you might add to it while cooking, of course. I have some fresh plums that were given to us, and I was thinking of cooking them with some pork for supper one night. So I was curious if cooking a fruit changes the nutritional value enough to add any points.
Saturday, June 16th, 2012
12:33 pm
well, that's discouraging
So I survived my half a week at Middle School camp. But it was horrid in terms of food choices. Thankfully I had made some healthy snacks of dried fruit and nuts to have with me, so I wasn't as tempted by the options from the snack shack as I could have been. I also tried to eat as much salad as I could during meals, but I knew I had to eat some of the other items - which were, unfortunately, very heavy in the carbs department and bulk processed foods - so I'd have energy to keep going for the long days. And I managed to work in a few activity points just walking back and forth around the campground (our cabin was uphill!). But even as "good" as I tried to be, it was very frustrating for me in terms of trying to stay on track with the limited options. And yes, it meant I was also hungry (especially late at night), so I did make poor choices a couple at times. I just did some tracking to assess my point values - and I had to do a lot of estimating, so I'm not even sure if I'm on target. Could be a little better, but could also be a lot worse than what's showing in the total tally. The result is that I not only went over my daily allowances, I also used up more than my weekly "splurge" allowance.


I know now that the key to fighting this disappointing assessment is to not give in and make poor food choices the remainder of my week. (My tracking week runs Wed-Tues.) I can work toward staying within my daily limit for the days I have left. And I can work in some extra activity points before the week ends as well. If I'm lucky, perhaps I won't have gained back anything lost during my first two weeks. But even if I have, I know I can't let that get me down - it just means opportunity to make good choices the next week in order to reclaim any lost ground.

I also learned it was a mistake to not keep up the habit of tracking my points while I was at camp. (I had my iPhone, and although coverage was sparse, I could have managed it.) If I'd had a better idea at the time of how many points I was actually using up, I might have had more willpower to say "no" to some of those items I gave in with. So, I know better now the value of keeping up with my points regularly - that accountability is good for me.

Okay. Pep talk over. Thanks for listening, everyone. :)
Thursday, May 3rd, 2012
10:19 am
On the right track
And further proof that I made the right decision when I stopped using my daily inhaler... this last week, we went to Disneyland for our anniversary and, I'll admit it, I didn't bother keeping track of anything. Not to say that I went hogwild, because I didn't... but in amongst trying to still make the right choices, I did indulge in treats more than I normally would. And I ended up still losing 1.2 pounds. Squee!!!

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, February 9th, 2012
4:20 pm
AMC Theaters "Smart Movie Snacks"
We're heading to the movies tonight and I was planning on just getting popcorn and water again (and simply not eating too much of it), but figured I'd look into the "Smart Movie Snacks" package that they're offering at AMC these days: http://www.amctheatres.com/smartmoviesnacks/

It comes with Chiquita Fruit Chips, Odwalla Trail Mix Bar, POPCorners Popped Corn and a 20 oz. DASANI® water. It looks really good on the screen, but then I started checking into it. If you were to eat all of that, it would be 12 friggin' Points! TWELVE. You would have to eat nine cups of popcorn in order to reach that same number. Sheesh.

I think I'll just stick with the popcorn I actually want... I'm guessing it will be much more satisfying and odds are good, it'll use fewer Points.

Current Mood: indescribable
Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
1:15 am
WW Article about Plateaus
I know some of us are plateauing and some of these tips helped and gave me a bit of perspective.

Powering Through Plateaus
Why the scale is at a standstill and how to get it started again.
Article By: Laurie Greenwald Saloman
Powering Through Plateaus
It's a phenomenon familiar to most people who've tried to shed excess pounds: You're close to your weight-loss goal, and suddenly the numbers on the scale refuse to budge.
You've hit a weight-loss plateau, and you're wondering what's causing the stall. Is there something you're doing (possibly unwittingly) to sabotage your own efforts? Or is it an inevitable physiological part of the weight-loss process?

The answer probably lies somewhere in between.

Ain't misbehavin'?
As much as we may not like to believe it, our actions are probably at the root of most weight-loss plateaus. "Probably about 90 percent of our plateaus are due to 'loosening up,' meaning the half-hour walk, seven days a week becomes a 20-minute walk, four days a week," says Weight Watchers chief scientist, Karen Miller-Kovach, MS, RD. "It's the little relaxing that does people in."

Before you start berating yourself, give yourself a break. Recognize that you may have gotten a little too comfortable with aspects of the program. But you can still keep moving toward your weight goal. Simply reaffirm your commitment to your weight-loss plan, and move forward. Try a new recipe, go back to weighing and measuring your "eyeballed" portions, or add some jogging intervals to your daily walk. By mixing up your routine, eating and exercise will be fresh and enjoyable again.

The body at work
Although less-than-faithful adherence to an eating and exercise plan is usually the culprit of a plateau, there are times when something going on within the body is causing the pounds to hang on.

According to Michael Lowe, PhD, professor of clinical and health psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, about one-quarter of the weight you lose is actually lean tissue. Lean-tissue loss means you burn fewer calories. "This effect is relatively minor, but combined with other factors, it can contribute to a plateau," Lowe says.

Lowe also points out that because pounds shed in the first few weeks of weight loss tend to be made up of about half water, people are often fooled into thinking they are reaching a plateau when, in fact, they're really just approaching a normal (read: slower) rate of weight loss.

Five ways to tip the scale
The good news: Whether the cause is behavioral, physiological or both, there are steps you can take to move past a plateau. First, strengthen your resolve to keep losing, then:

1. Increase your physical activity
This may be the best way to get the weight off, according to experts. Look for simple ways to get more activity in: Take the family (or the dog) for an afternoon walk. Park the car farther away, or get off the bus a stop or two away from your destination.

2. Eat right and write
Research has shown that people routinely underestimate the number of calories they consume daily. Keep track of what you eat. Enjoy seeing that you've stayed within your PointsPlus® Target.

3. Eat fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are loaded with a variety of vitamins and minerals and are typically low in calories. Including them at meal time will help keep you satisfied and contribute to your health.

4. Spice things up
Forgo your usual turkey on rye for a more exotic water-packed tuna with dill and lemon juice on toasted pita bread. This might stimulate your taste buds enough to keep you satisfied.

5. Get busy
Join an after-work volleyball league, attend art openings or just chase your kids around outside. The less you're in the kitchen, the less tempted you'll be to eat.

Current Mood: exhausted
Sunday, January 29th, 2012
1:03 pm
I thought I looked weird....
I am wearing jeans. I am in my Christmas sweater with kitties. I do have on a bra. Why is this all important?

Because today I went to the doctor for my yearly preventative exam (YAY HMO!!!). They weighed me. My favorite pasttime...not so much. Now according to their scale I am 243.2 lbs. Last week I was 247.5 lb with just my lightest PJs on. I am hoping I keep up with this weight for the official weigh in tomorrow for WW.

Crossing my fingers....and yes I did hug that scale. I was thinking of stealing it.

Current Mood: sleepy
Saturday, December 24th, 2011
11:13 pm
yay blogging
So I am back on WW and I am keeping up with the WW blog. We will see how long it takes for me to get bored. :D


Current Mood: busy
Saturday, November 5th, 2011
10:57 am
Not on WW but exercising
As a matter of fact, after this post I am off for a run. I have been training for a 5k that I will be running next Saturday. I am so in love with running and happy to be in love with it. It was impossibly hard the first four weeks but something snapped in place mentally and I am doing it! I am not super fast but I am moving constantly.

I would recommend this program to anyone. Go to www.coolrunning.com and click on "Couch Potato to 5k". It is awesome! Anyhoo....of to run 5 min, 8 min, 5 min.
Thursday, July 7th, 2011
2:37 pm
Tofu Shirataki noodles
If you've been following Hungry Girl, you've probably already heard of House Foods Tofu Shirataki, but I figured I'd share here just in case. These are possibly one of the best inventions EVER. They're made with a combination of tofu and yam flour... and while the texture isn't exactly the same as regular pasta, I find them VERY satisfying for those pasta cravings. And, best of all, they are ZERO Points per serving!

I discovered them after watching Hungry Girl on the Food Channel and seeing her fix her recipe for Fettuccine Hungry Girlfredo. I've had to do some modifications to avoid cow's milk (plain goat yogurt instead of sour cream and using substitutes like grated on Pecorino Romano (sheep) and chevre (or Chevre in Blue (goat)), but really, it's ridiculously easy and incredibly satisfying... I've also added in some chopped garlic as well as chopped chicken and/or steamed broccoli.

Anyway, after sticking just to the Fetuccine Shirataki, I finally tried the spaghetti noodles a few days ago and they were just as wonderful!

I definitely recommend using the method Hungry Girl mentions when using them for whatever recipe. Rinse and drain the noodles and pat dry (I usually place the noodles between layers of paper towels and squeeze out the excess water), then microwave for a minute and repeat the paper towel drying (the idea being to get as much of the original liquid out of them as possible).

BTW, the onion rings recipe on that page are also fantastic, especially if you're like me and get big cravings for onion rings from time to time.

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, June 11th, 2011
9:11 am
Baby steps again
Still spamming you all here -- and thanks for being here because it helps to keep me focused.

It's been a good week; the tinybabysteps activity plan has been working well for me, and starting tomorrow I'm up to 30 minutes of walking a day. Since my office building is (a) kind of big and (b) connected to a (small) shopping mall, I've managed to walk through the heat waves. I am starting to get tired of mall walking, but right now the thought of the treadmill still makes me go ugh. Tracking has helped tons as well.

My leader retired last week. Transitioning to a new leader is a bit of a bump, and it helps that I'm working the plan right now.

Why oh why haven't I been making smoothies in previous summers? I had an old and untouched box of ww smoothie mix in the back of the pantry-- with chunks of frozen banana, a cup of milk, and some cinnamon it's thick and cold and delicious. Totally worth the hassle of cleaning the blender afterwards. And because I should be drinking 3 cups of milk a day, it's an easy way to get LOTS of dairy into my day.

And possibly the oddest thing I've ever made; kale chips. There are plenty of recipes out there (ww site or google). Curly leaved kale, ripped off the stem, misted with olive oil, and in a HOT oven long enough to make them crispy. (Careful, they burn easily!) Then salt or chili powder or whatever. Sort of like very thin very delicate hot potato chips -- crispy/crunchy.

Friday, June 10th, 2011
6:59 am
For everybody going to JadeCon:

Do we want a CJWW meeting on the seminar schedule? A CJWW workout time? Please to note that I'm eating Jeni's ice cream every day no matter what :-)
Wednesday, June 8th, 2011
3:24 pm
Here we go
This morning I went back to my local Curves and officially signed up with their exercise program. I was a little surprised to discover that I could recall how to use all the equipment. The format is still pretty much the same, but they have an additional service now - a scan/computer monitor at each machine helps to track your individual progress in a variety of ways. So, once I've gotten back into the routine a bit - after about a week - we'll test me on the system and then I'll be able to start tracking. It's kind of like having a personal trainer.

I'm excited about going back. I know it won't always be easy. But I know from when I was part of the program three years ago that it can work for me. And I recall all the positive feelings that are associated with doing regular exercise. So I'm glad to be on the journey again.

Now, I just need to remember this little pep talk when it's time for me to go back on Friday. ;)
Saturday, June 4th, 2011
8:25 am
Go Us!
Yay! It's fun to read stuff from you all.

I had a good week; not in terms of weight loss, but behavior.

I'm sticking with the baby steps walking plan and I'm tracking. It feels good -- I'm enjoying the activity (how did I forget that I like moving?). Twenty minutes of walking a day barely counts as exercise, but with it I'm getting to 10k steps a day pretty consistently, which makes me feel like I'm at least doing something.

I'm finally really discovering PointsPlus, and I like it. Of course it helps that it's farmer's market season. 0nce upon a time I was not a vegetable person. But for some reason I like/love lots of different veggies if I can roast them, so basically I'm cranking the oven every night and making something-or-other.

I made it to my meeting this week and stayed for the whole thing, not just weigh-and-run.

As you can see, I'm trying to keep my focus on 'what I'm doing now' and not 'why did I slide off?'. I rewarded myself with a bra fitting; my old ones were too small since most of the weight gain went into my tummy/boobage. The new ones are really expensive but damned comfy and I do look better in my clothes, so totally worth it. Some of last summer's clothes are now too tight, so it helps to do something for myself that makes me feel better/comfy!
Sunday, May 29th, 2011
9:16 am
The Road Goes Ever On and On
Honesty time here.

I've been slacking for months and since January (at least) I've pretty much been not-very-serious. Not enough activity (I tell myself I'm too busy to go to the gym, or I'll start again next week). No tracking. Well, a little bit when points plus rolled out. But then I told myself "my usual day is on plan, so I don't have to track it." And that became "oh, someone brought jelly beans to the office! I can have a few." And "I can have a treat on weekend afternoons. Ok, so it used to be a treat only if I'm not also going out to dinner. But really, i didn't eat that much last night" I'd been spotty about tracking for a long time before that as well. The last few months I've only made it to one meting a month.

The result is that I've gained weight. 15 lbs since my lowest weight. I'm only a tiny skosh above goal and still at Lifetime, but I don't want to keep creeping things away. And since I'm also now off HRT, it's all gone into my tummy. So I'm now in larger pants; that's fine as far as it goes but I don't want it to keep on.

Last Sunday I made some commitments. They are pretty dang simple: (1) track. (2) meeting. (3) walk 15 minutes EVERY day in addition to my usual back-and-forth-from-Metro ordinary steps. (4) Add 5 minutes every week to the daily walk until I've hit 30 minutes.

For right now, that's all. If I'm off plan, I'm off plan, as long as I track it. No gym unless it's so hot that I'd rather hit the treadmill than the sidewalk. I'm not pushing my heart rate or doing yoga or going to pilates or anything.

This week has been a good one. I've enjoyed the extra activity and tracking has been easier (thank you iphone). I do really like pointsplus because hello, free fruit! I made it to my meeting. Baby steps, but every step is a step down the road.

I'll check in again next week.
Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
11:01 am
Okay, baby is done with her tantrum
I didn't go to the meeting on Tuesday for WW (I am shocked...not so much). But I decided if the points part of this program is going to be driving me crazy for a while, I am going to relax my eating habits until I get a hold on it. The less I trust something, the more uber diligent and controlling I become so these last three weeks has been a kinda nightmare as I try to micromanage everything and finally end in a binging explosion or lethargy that keeps me from being active and coming up with excuses for both behaviors. I am going to still make two meals but I am adding a dessert for a few weeks. I need space, I need room to breath and make mistakes while learning this thing and I have shoved all sweets out of my diet. I have shoved a LOT of foods out of my diet that I never imagined I would. So when starting a new program, I am looking at the foods I actually eat and realize in frustration that I am not going to make it.

So the new plan will include some form of dessert, it may just be ice cream or banana pudding or something. It will also include a small amount of soda whether diet or other because I have gone without soda completely for over two months. It will be a willingness to eat chips in public because the binge chipping because I don't want anyone to know I eat it. The other thing?

Yesterday, in the midst of my downward spiral, I went to do Zumba at my apartment building for the first time. It was great. I couldn't do 3/4ths of it but I have had so many personal training sessions in the past that I was able to low impact a lot of what she did (thank you step aerobics in college). This is on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 and I am going to continue to go. It is only 5 bucks a class so 40 a month may be worth my sanity. I am so out of shape so this will help me improve with out all the pressure being on me like biking and walking and running does. I didn't eat out. I stayed on program yesterday and I am proud to say that I woke up just as focused.

I don't trust this program but I am going to try and find ways to tolerate it until I 'get' it. I know I am behind the curve when it comes to understanding new things. I will have to weigh in next Monday, whether I want to or not.

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, December 28th, 2010
12:19 pm
So a small update...

I hope this is the place I can truly vent how I feel because right now I can sum how I feel up in one word FAT. If I were allowed two SUPREMELY LARGE. Yeah, I have hit a brick wall in the world of progress and one week into vacation, I am now ducking my WW meetings because I can't face the me that is there. I forgot about the meeting yesterday kinda, but when I sat down and really thought about it after Paula's call, I ditched the meeting. I knew it was coming. I just didn't want to meet it head on. There is a major whine fest hiding in there but today, I realize my MAJOR issue with this new program and it isn't the program's fault, it is my own.

I am reading the December 5-11 Weekly and on the first page is the true root of the trouble. "Trust the science behind the PointsPlus Values." HA! There's the rub. My real discontent and miserable showing for the new program is all based on one small word: t-r-u-s-t. I have been having that issue since before I became a Christian. The only thing I can trust people to do is fail and that isn't trust. I don't fully trust God so how can I deal with trusting an invisible science that doesn't make sense enough for me to follow?

So, I know I will not be going to today's meeting. And I think it is clear that until I learn to trust, this program is going to be an epic fail for me. I keep looking at takeout menus and wanting to just throw in the towel.

This is going to be a really long month.

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
12:50 am
Too Complacent
So I have put the weight loss on the back burner and I have no idea why I have not gained. Seriously. I haven't lost but no real gain. Looking at the points alloted by WW, I should be consuming a healthy 50 x30 pts = 1500-2000 Calories a day. Okay, Just the week from Thanksgiving to now I have consumed (just excess calories) close to 35,000 Calories. Why am I posting this? Because I need to look at me and where me wants to go with this weight loss. Me wants to be 137 lbs not 173 lbs. I am not going to get there by eating over 10 lbs of excess food. 1 lb = 3500 Calories, approximately.

I need to shape up but cheaply. The last time I worked out was November 17, almost a month ago. So tonight was DDR for 20 minutes. I will find a way to work in walking tomorrow or go to my gym here after work. Probably do the elliptical or something. I am sad because my laziness kept me away from little black dress night for a bit longer. I was going to go hang out with the gals, we were going to wear little black dresses as we attend Fernbank's IMAX and Martini night then go clubbing at the Opera on Dec 17. I also realize my motivation to exercise has gone out the window because it is cold. I am the opposite of Paula, I tend to hibernate in the winter. I can't hibernate if I want to be 137 lb. All prime numbers. 1 3 and 7 (well, 1 isn't technically but seriously...math geek). Little black dress will probably be a January gathering. In the mean time, I am going to find some dance clubs to go to and pray to God that I don't freak out there (I miss dancing and this anxiety crap is really cramping my style).

I need to let go of the foreboding. WW change the plan that was working for me until now and I am boxed in. I can't access my old etools so I am forced into this new system. I am not ready nor do I have time to relearn a new system but someone at the meeting today said that it is like a reset. A time to reset my mind on weight loss and start at day 1. Well, at day 1 I was shedding 4 lbs in a week so maybe a reset won't be so bad. But I honestly can't fit it in my schedule until the weekend. Instead of my first plan, screw both systems and just pull up a chair to the nearest Papa John's...I am staying with the old system this week. I am doing a closet clean out this weekend to get rid of crud. I am going to pop into that international farmers' market near me on Saturday to buy some fresh stuff and start over. Make my fridge look like I want to be at 137 lbs.

Commitment Log (when I have time)

  • Weigh in = 236.2 lbs

  • Gained = +0.2 lbs

  • Total loss/gain = -19.0 lbs

  • 5% goal: 13 lbs

  • 10% goal: 25 lbs

  • Celebration: 5% (in nine weeks) and 16 weeks

  • Personal celebration: going to find a dance club to swing around to this weekend if I can drag some people out with me. If not, I will try to find a rock climbing thing indoors and do that for the first time. Shoot, I deserve it...I dropped 19 and I need to start celebrating.

  • Next personal celebration: 25 lbs is little black dress night!

  • Exercise goal: Marathon in less than 7:37. I want to beat that Elizabeth girl from Biggest Loser. My goal is not to come in last and she is.

So that is me in a nutshell,

How is everyone else doing?

Current Mood: determined
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